The Doctor of the Future

The Doctor of the Future

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison

Laurie Rigg, a registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience in health care has poured her passion into helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. Her vision evolved into establishing the Centre for Hormonal and Integrative Care (CHIC) in Ancaster. CHIC offers a personalized integrative medical program which includes natural bioidentical hormone replace- ment therapy, bioidentical testosterone, custom thyroid, vitamins, and extensive lab testing. “My love of caring for individuals with acute and chronic illness is what inspired me to pursue an integrative medical practice,” she says, adding due to her own personal experience she knows what a challenge it can be nding a medical practitioner who offers a holistic or functional medical approach to address an individual patient’s unique health care needs. CHIC believes in the use of bio- identical (also known as human identical) hormone replacement therapy, basic holistic nutrition, physical tness and essential nutrients to help those seeking to achieve optimal wellness.

Some may recall Marc Lalonde, who served as the Minister of National Health and Welfare from 1972-77. He had proposed a new and revolutionary approach to health care in his 1974 report, a new perspective on the health of Canadians. His visionary approach was intended to promote the development of Canadian Health Care policy as a function of PREVENTION, rather than TREATING sickness, encouraging Canadians to take responsibility for their health and to engage in a healthier lifestyle. Rigg wonders what happened to Lalonde’s vision. She strives to uphold it in her practice, training under Dr. Neal
Rouzier, MD for her Bioidendical Hormone Certi cation, who is also a world renouned expert and international educator in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy & disease prevention. “I am thankful for Dr. Andrew Kiellerman, MD, my consulting Medical Doctor and colleague at CHIC, for his meticulous and insightful care of our clients; Donna Kingman, Director of Business Development and Communications at TruBalance Healthcare Inc. in Ancaster, who keeps saying ‘You can do it!!’ and for providing excellent resources and advice along the way; Trutina Pharmacy in Ancaster for providing high quality custom compounded bioidentical hormones; Dr. David Brownstein, MD, author and holistic medicine physician in Detroit, Michigan; Dr. Paul Saunders, a wonderful and skilled Naturopathic Physician who practices in neighbouring Dundas.”

CHIC sees many patients with chronic illnesses in the form of cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, bromyalgia, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, allergies and a host of other disorders, which Rigg says are reaching epidemic proportions.

Clues can be found by stepping back a few
decades, and recalling some of the historical developments, new medications, and nutritional advice (myths) that perserveres to this day.

As part of embracing wellness through cohesive hormone treatment, part of Rigg’s process is to educate each patient about healthy eating. “Most of us in our 40’s have stopped using salt because salt was reported to cause high blood pressure. We have also stopped eating eggs and that we should limit our consumption to no more than three eggs per week.” She wonders if the these perfect staple foods really were the culprit in elevating our cholesterol levels. On the opposition of natural care, certain drugs came on the market to lower cholesterol, promising fewer heart attacks, and less heart disease.

“Low salt and no salt diets have done nothing to prevent high blood pressure or heart disease of any kind,” she states. “In fact the opposite is true. Instead we get autoimmune and digestive disorders as a direct result of not salting our food.” Table salt (NaCl) is an essential nutrient required by the chief cells in your stomach to make the stomach acid necessary to break down proteins, such as gluten, into the tiniest of amino acids, enabling them to be absorbed into the blood stream ef ciently. “Without an acidic pH of approximately 1, partially digested protein particles enter the blood stream alerting the immune system and eventually leading to food sensitivities, intestinal damage, leaky gut, and a hypersensitive immune system that indiscriminately attacks our own organs.”

Cholesterol, also an essential nutrient, is required for the formation of hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and adrenal hormones. Cholesterol forms a large part of the myelin in the brain, which is essential for the protection of delicate neurons. It also forms a signi cant portion of the fatty cell wall surrounding every one of our 100 TRILLION cells. Prior to 1970, alzheimers disease was virtually unheard of the advent if cholesterol lowering drugs, and low cholesterol diets have not only NOT reduced the incidence of cardiac disease, but Alzheimers disease is now projected to be the number one killer of the elderly in the very near future. “Alzheimers is ve per cent hereditary and 95 per cent proper lifestyle choices. Balanced hormones play a huge factor in disease prevention and the patients at CHIC are thriving with more energy, sharper cognitive, increased libido and happier lives,” Rigg says.

Processing vegetable oils causes the formation of trans fatty acids, that cause in ammation, blood vessel damage, cardiovascular disease and other in ammatory conditions. Prior to the introduction of Crisco, margarine, soy, corn and canola oils, heart disease was rare. “These unhealthy oils also damage the delicate cell wall of those 100 TRILLION cells we spoke of earlier,” she says.
Getting to the source of, and helping clients in their bid to correcting nutritional, mineral, essential fatty acid, vitamin, amino acid and nally, hormonal imbalances is the key to what Rigg and the entire team does at CHIC. “Our passion and raison d’etre at the Centre for Hormonal and Integrative Care is to enable you to take charge of your future health, vitality and longevity. Providing your body with the healthy raw materials and hormones it needs, every single day to restore your zest and quality of life!”ByembracingThomasEdison’svisionof“Dr.of the future” she wishes to enable everyone that comes into her care to be the model Canadians of Marc Lalonde’s original visionary report.

Rigg wishes to thank all of CHIC’s patients who have allowed them to share their journey on the path to health.

Kind words from a CHIC patient:

“I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to Laurie Rigg and Dr. Kiellerman. When I arrived at CHIC I was very sick & scared. Laurie is an outstanding woman! She is by far the most caring, understanding and dedicated healthcare practitioner out there. Laurie has gone above and beyond in making sure all of my healthcare needs were met. Dr. Kiellerman is very knowledgeable, accurate and thorough.

Laurie and Dr. Kiellerman work together as a collaborative team and are very passionate about reaching your health goals. Optimum health is the goal! Getting to the root cause of symptoms is crucial – and for me they did it. It’s been a long journey and I have learned A LOT.”

If you are sick of suffering and need answers I can’t recommend CHIC enough – they literally saved my life. I had gone to several different medical practitioners & no one could help me. CHIC gave me my health back.

To learn more or book a consultation appointment, contact the Centre for Hormone and Integrative Care at 905-515-4623 or visit bioidentical.ca.

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