About CHIC – Forever 29

At CHIC we believe that with essential nutrients, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and balanced lifestyles, we have the ability to treat common health concerns.

Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy At CHIC we are proud to offer the latest in preventive personalized medicine. Too often we hear of people who wait for serious symptoms to crop up before seeking treatment. Why not take an interventionary approach that can get the body into optimum balance before health issues even present themselves? Bio-identical…

Hormone Balance for Women

Are you tired of mood swings, hot flashes, or weight gain? Have you been trying to conceive without success? We can help.

Hormone Balance for Men

We can restore your hormone balance so that you regain a stronger body, sharper mind, better outlook and amazing sex drive.

Personal Training

In-Home Personal Training with Colin Benoit CORE Fitness. Colin Benoit, a 15 year veteran in the Fitness Industry, offering convenient, individualized, in home personal training, has joined the CHIC team! 30 and 60 minute sessions available. Book your appointments with Laurie, Dr Kiellerman and Colin today!