CHIC is pleased to introduce Tammy Learned. Tammy is a registered Nurse with over 40 years service in the OR. Tammy is also a certified and skilled Endermologie practitioner .
Endermologie is a mechanical, deep-tissue vacuum massage therapy that breaks up fat deposits that lay under the skin. The mechanical stimulation promotes oxygenation of the skin, as well as collagen production, elasticity and smoothing of the dimples associated with cellulite.
Along with the cosmetic effects of Endermologie treatments, there are several exciting health benefits. Reducing body fat reduces your risk of inflammatory diseases. The deep tissue massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, improving immune system function and overall lymph circulation and drainage. The treatment is well known for its positive effects in reducing the pain associated with sports injuries, fibromyalgia and other complex reactive pain disorders.
Sixteen biweekly sessions with Tammy will have you looking great and feeling fantastic!
Book your complimentary 20 minute session with Tammy today!Contact us at 905-515-4623 for more info.